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VS-TEN 2.0

VS-TEN General Information

What is VS-TEN?

VS-TEN is a system that allows traffic exchanges to swap 'visitors'.  Someone surfing on exchange "a" can view sites from exchange "b", and vice-versa.

The purposes of this system are:

  1. Improve the customer experience while surfing, by showing them more sites (gee, this must be a big exchange).
  2. Improve the customer experience by receiving more unique hits from each exchange
  3. Smooth out the "ups and downs" webmasters suffer during normal operation of a traffic exchange
  4. To provide webmasters with a no-muss, no-fuss way to expand and promote their exchanges

Please use the menus above to find out more about VS-TEN.  We will explain in detail the problems that most webmasters face, and how our network can solve those problems.

Reminder: This site is for traffic-exchange owners.  When we talk about "customers", we are referring to YOUR MEMBERS.  When we talk about "webmasters", we are referring to YOU.

When we talk about "surfers", we are referring to our members that are non-traffic exchange owners. 

One last note

We offer our own Traffic Exchange software, called TrEx.  To view our first such site, go to http://trex.varisearch.com.  Our first customization of the site is at http://www.breedtraffic.com.

Our exchange software has some fairly powerful features, such as a built in banner exchange system, and a text-ad exchange system, all using the same "token" basis.  It includes fully automated ipn support for Paypal; other gateways came online in 2005.  (Afternote: we also now support Alert Pay, Google Checkout, MoneyBookers, Revolution Money Exchange, Solid Trust Pay, eGold).

Important: Using our exchange software is not required for participation in the network

If you have a traffic exchange that works well, we will NOT ask you to traumatize your members/users by changing to our software to use our exchange.  That's the real beauty of this system: With one adapter component, which we are willing to write or help write, you can make your existing traffic exchange compatible with VS-TEN.